Supporting Quokkas


As Happy as a Quokka® strives to not only spread the Quokka Love around the world, but locally as well, to the Quokkas themselves. Quokkas bring us so much joy and happiness, and the least we can do is help them to flourish in survival.

Quokkas are now considered as a vulnerable species and we want to help in their conservation. How we do this is by donating 5% of every sale to the Rottnest Foundation which does incredible work in the conservation of the flora and fauna of Rottnest Island, and by spreading the word to increase awareness so that people can assist and take action.

The Rottnest Foundation supports ongoing research into the health and habitat of the Quokka. Rottnest Island is the home of the largest Quokka population in the world and the health of Rottnest is essential to the Quokka's survival. There are approximately 10,000-12,000 Quokkas on Rottnest and the species is listed as vulnerable, as mentioned above.

Key measurements taken to indicate the effectiveness of the aid Quokkas are receiving include: body condition, parasite load, general health, weaning rates and In 2018/2019 the Focal Conservation Target for Quokkas achieved 91% and the health rating was 'Very Good'.

We want to continue supporting these great works, and you can be a part of it too! For more information about the Rottnest Foundation, head to: The Rottnest Foundation.

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