1. Who started As Happy as a Quokka?

a) Cambo - an adventurous Aussie Traveller and Hobby Photographer

2. Is As Happy as a Quokka Australian?

a) Yes, we are based in Perth, Western Australia.  Our best sellers are also Australian made, with some of our products made outside of Australia to ensure the best quality possible at the best prices.

3. How long does shipping take?

a) Depends on the product which has been purchased.  Generally speaking, if you are also in Australia, the parcel should arrive within 10 days.  If you are outside of Australia, times vary but generally allow 14-21 days.

4. Do you offer any guarantee?

a) Yes, of course!  We offer a full 60 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee on our entire range.

5. What happens if I order and something breaks in the post?

a) Email us at info@ashappyasaquokka.com and we will organise a replacement or a refund, depending on what suits you best.  Although what happens in the post is out of our control, we understand there are few things more frustrating and so we are here to help!

6. What is your company vision?

a) The name kind of speaks for itself, but we aim to make as many people as possible as happy as a Quokka (there’s a lot of the word ‘as’ in that statement).  We simply want to spread Quokka joy throughout the world.

7. How old is As Happy as a Quokka?

a) It all started in 2017 when Cambo took a viral Quokka photo, but brand was established late in 2019.

8. Are your reviews real?

a) Yes, we’ve never paid for a single review.  All the reviews you see on our social media and website are from real and verified customers all over the world.

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