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Since 2017, 'As Happy as a Quokka®' has been the leader of Quokka Giftware products throughout Australia, and now, the world.  It prides itself on providing quality and practical products at affordable prices, that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.  It's all part of the mission; to each do our part in making everyone as happy as a Quokka!  We also focus on giving back to the Quokkas.  5% of every sale goes to the work of Quokka conservation and survival.  You can read more about the work we are supporting HERE.


As Happy as a Quokka® was created by Campbell Jones, a Perth based hobby photographer who managed to capture 'iconic' Quokka images on his occasional visits to Rottnest Island.  Once he started seeing how much joy Quokkas brought to people, he decided he would continue using Quokkas as a way to bring smiles to people's faces, through his photography, and now also through his product design. 


His first famous Quokka image went viral, and was labeled "the cutest Quokka photo of all time!"  The one comment that stood out the most to Campbell, in regards to that particular image, was, "this image will end depression!"  And that was when he realised the potential of his Quokka photography and products.  These products will hopefully be an opportunity for many people to give to others, because not only is the joy in the giving, but simply, Quokkas make people smile too.


During 2019, Campbell was driving around Australia by himself to travel and see the country he loves.  It was about half way through his trip that he decided to start manufacturing the Quokka products and learning what processes to follow.


It has been a long, hard grind for him, but finally, he has products that he can be proud of and is excited to share with you all.  Campbell has spent plenty of time ensuring the products are not only very cute and adorable, but made of high quality and eco-friendly materials and can be used practically.  There are many more products currently in the design process which are not far away from becoming available, so stay tuned for them.


Campbell's wish is that these products can be an avenue for smiles in people's lives, and with your help, can reach the people that need it the most along with aiding the Quokkas in their conservation and survival!

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