• As Happy as a Quokka®: finally becoming a reality! Amazon FBA

    So, you would have read in our previous blog post that it all started with a Quokka photo that went viral.  I then made some silly decisions due to my ignorance in the business and photography world, decided to quit my job and drive around Australia, and that’s where we are up to in the story. Well about 3/4 of my way around Australia,...
  • Starting a business heavily influenced by travel, during Covid times… How As Happy as a Quokka® was born.

    From no idea how business works, to making some silly, ignorant decisions, learning from my mistakes, and building As Happy as a Quokka® into what it is today.  Share in the journey as I document all that Covid has done to our business and express what's in store for As Happy as a Quokka®.
  • How was the "Cutest Quokka photo of all time" captured?

    How was the cutest Quokka photo of all time captured? Cambo, the photographer explains all, from the day on the island when the image was taken, to the time when a Hollywood actress shared his photo which led to his Instagram account being shut off because there was just too much traffic.  We hope you enjoy this read, and stay tuned for more Quokka...
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